The Necomada project has made steady progress within the 18months of the project, with project partners working collaboratively to develop not only a novel ink, but also develop a novel adhesive.

The project team is well aligned to exploit the new technologies, with a number of innovative companies working on the technical development of inks and adhesives (CPI, DTI, Nanogap, Thomas Swan).

The development of the inks and adhesives has also benefitted from the continued input from the likes of Henkel & ContiTech, who continue to support the development of the novel products, whilst also providing practical support in areas such as printing and print development.

The end-users of the project – the likes of BSH-E, Crown Packaging and Henkel – have always provided the drive for the project, but also offered sage advice, ensuring the project delivers a practical solution, which meets their needs. The Fraunhofer Institute continues to liaise closely with all partners in development of the much-vaunted end-user specifications.

Technology companies such as PragmatIC Printing and NXP continue to bring the latest chip technology to the table, ensuring the project can ultimately reach the end-users specification. The Consortium would not be complete without considering safety aspects of the material sets currently in development, with Finnish Institute of Occupational Health continuing to provide the latest Health & Safety information, working closely with the Fraunhofer Institute.